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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use this free LinkedIn post generator?

Savvy social media marketers know that leaving LinkedIn out of their social media playbook means leaving tons of prospects on the table (1 billion, to be exact). But coming up with a steady stream of content for this platform consistently ranks at the top of marketers’ list of Least Favorite Things to Do. Our LinkedIn post generator is here to change that. Use this free tool to fill your content calendar quickly, promote a new release or special event, or help position yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn. Basically, it’s exactly what you need to become the next big LinkedIn-fluener.

Who are we? And what’s Blabigo?

We’re the founders of Blabigo, a new LinkedIn tool on the block.
Instead of focusing on automation like most tools, we focus on helping you create high performing content.
We strongly believe in the power of personal branding and how it can help drive opportunities for your business, and we’ve built our entire tool around this belief.

We are based out of Munich 🥨 (Germany 🇩🇪).

Is this tool free?

Yes, our Online LinkedIn Post generator is 100% free, no surprises!.

How to use this AI LinkedIn post generator?

We’ve designed this generator to be quick and easy to use. After all, the idea is to take work off your plate, not add to it. Just write a short description of what you want to talk about and click on generate, we will take care of the rest.

How does the AI LinkedIn post generator work?

Blabigo's free LinkedIn post generator is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4 technology. ChatGPT is a natural language processing chatbot that was trained by reading millions of diverse texts across the internet, which allows it to come up with thoughtful responses to millions of different topics. It instantly generates human-like responses based on your inputs, so it’s perfect for coming up with social media captions fast.

What makes up a good LinkedIn Post?

Several elements contribute to a good LinkedIn post, including:
Engaging headline and opening sentence
Clear and concise messaging
Relevant and valuable content for your target audience
Proper use of formatting
Call to action that encourages engagement or invites discussion
Proofreading for grammar and spelling errors
Consistency in posting frequency and style

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